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About Universitas

"we can only see a bit of the future, but enough to realize that there is much to be done" (Alan Turing)
We are a pair of university related people that want to speak, debate and think about the university. the objective of this project is to get new ideas to debate and look into what other people, with their own criteria, think. We want to listen to other voices, other points of view, whether they think like us or not. Along side these opinions our questions and opinions are hatched.

What we ask is that all of these opinions are not taken like absolute truths, but like catalysts of a debate that we consider to be necessary in all of the university community.

What we intend is to provoque other opinions, hopefully an outburst of them. If we dont think, speak, write with other people, we wont have an interesting future.

During this journey, reflections will be heard, some known others might be out of order, and with otehrs we might agree or not.

We have tried to select people with recognizable prestige and their own criteria that have allowed to elevate without doubts the final result that is shown to you.

The visual shape of the documents is Javier Calvo´s direction entire merit.

This documentary is completly independent and was started in winter 2015.

Paco Serón y Chaime Marcuello

Zaragoza (España)